Quesnel BC Wildfire

If you have followed me for a while now you have hopefully come to know me a little. Then you will know this. Fitness is very close to my heart. Not simply in the passion sense but in the poetic sense. It’s who I am and such an integral part of how I experience life. I can’t separate myself from it any more than I can from food or oxygen. It’s how I express myself and my body. It’s from this place I want to talk about the truest, deepest Why of fitness. Depending on where you are in the world, you may have heardRead More →

Building and creating takes an equal degree of abstraction and concrete definition. Sometimes it can be tricky to find that balance, like a high beam that you can’t always see. Or maybe like a high beam after a few glasses of wine. That’s more like it. Thinking out loud works better for me than thinking in my head. The moment I internalize all my thoughts is the moment I lose them; what I expected to be solid matter suddenly turns into a wisp of smoke and is forgotten. Journalling has helped me Getting my thoughts down on paper has been infinitely more useful. There isn’tRead More →

Why We Stop What We Believe

Here’s a very relatable scenario, a pattern shall we say, many of us may find familiar: Healthy food, gym visits, excellent choices. Nurturing our bodies and our minds and feeling the payback of vibrant energy and strength. We feel great, we’re on a roll, we can keep this up for as long as we need to. For we have Wills of Steel. We can. Until we don’t. I am not an expert. My curiosity has taken me down some interesting roads in search of answers to the problems that plague me. I’m ruthlessly in pursuit of Why. I have learned a lot about myself andRead More →

  Hey guys, I’ve been pretty quiet here regarding my YouTube channel… main reason being I held my breath until now to see if it’s something I was even comfortable doing. It appears comfort has flown out the window and I’m enjoying pushing myself a little at the moment. If you enjoy this video, I welcome you to watch my others as well. I’m currently working on more so stay tuned. I will post them all here. Ciao!Read More →

 ‏With the advent of online (over)marketing, never before have we had so many products to choose from. Fitness being one of the top trends at the moment has resulted in some extra attention for supplements and protein bars. ‏Presented with an overwhelming number of options, it can be tricky to choose which products to try out and which belong in your lifestyle. ‏Here are six great reasons to fall in love with protein bars and how to find the best one for you. Grab and Go! ‏I have, at times, been guiltier than most for not only being lazy about what food I take withRead More →

Dream It Real Rifle View

The severity of the final exam is always in proportion to the challenge of the course. It was not expected to be easy. In fact, it was going to be grueling, arduous and painful, all wrapped in one. This test was the pinnacle of military training for the people on course that summer in Manitoba. To fail would mean to discard all the hard work of the last two months and do it all again. *** I remember thinking, as our entire course loaded into the back of the trucks, that we really looked like soldiers, my comrades and I. Wearing full combat gear proudly,Read More →


The Basics You learn pretty damn quickly you’re a team. All of you. Your platoon, your section, your roommates. When the morning alarm goes off, you had better be up, not just awake. There is no snooze, not even 20 seconds to contemplate what life would be like if you were back home. Just get up and go. There is not a moment between asleep and mobile, just as electrons have no travel time as they orbit an atom. They just suddenly appear elsewhere. Sometimes you wonder how you actually manage to move that fast. Clothing. Bathroom. No space? No problem. In with the boys.Read More →