Building and creating takes an equal degree of abstraction and concrete definition. Sometimes it can be tricky to find that balance, like a high beam that you can’t always see. Or maybe like a high beam after a few glasses of wine. That’s more like it. Thinking out loud works better for me than thinking in my head. The moment I internalize all my thoughts is the moment I lose them; what I expected to be solid matter suddenly turns into a wisp of smoke and is forgotten. Journalling has helped me Getting my thoughts down on paper has been infinitely more useful. There isn’tRead More →

Dream It Real Platoon

Suck it up, soldier. These are words I never thought I’d hear. What young blonde girl ever imagines she will grow up to be a military member? There aren’t many of us, I imagine. Nobody expected this line of work to be in my future. It was a totally, completely unexpected chapter in my life’s story. I’ve always chosen the path less traveled, so to speak. It’s harder, but far more rewarding. Maybe I thrive on thinking differently than others, or at the very least believing I do. You can prepare for training, but you aren’t ever really prepared. There’s always the weight of realizingRead More →

Live Like You Mean It

Everybody faces a challenge at some point. A monstrosity of a mess to clean up. A situation that is just so arduous it makes you dream of being anywhere but there inside it. You could let it destroy you. Or you could embrace it, be one with it, and let it prepare you for something awesome that’s better than you can fathom right now. My challenge has been health related, and I’m currently up to my eyeballs in it. Life changed for me quite drastically recently. It caused me to slow right down to question how I arrived here. In the present. My mess. LastRead More →

How to avoid Dreamjacking

Self awareness. It’s a term that is thrown around quite a lot lately, but in the loud, incessant barrage of noise that is the online world right now I fear it may be getting tossed aside in the interest of pursuing something shinier. Something sleeker, more gratifying and something promising to likely bring you that first million you have always dreamed of. Whose dream is that anyway? To have a perfect life, where money flows in the millions not the thousands, and cars come in horsepower ratings over 500? It’s a great, powerful dream. It seems to be what everyone is talking about these days,Read More →

Polar Bear Swim Kelownagal

Please don’t set yourself up to fail, my friend. Walking into the new year loaded with a backpack full of desperate hope and expectations is a heavy feat. Give those shoulders a rest. It’s easier to breathe. How did we get to this point of having all of our hopes for change and tenacity hinging all at the turn of a single day? How do we expect ourselves to break all these habits and patterns we have built at the drop of a hat? Nobody is that strong. Let’s take a new approach to the new year. To goal setting. To the way we wantRead More →

I was driving to an appointment one day last summer. Wow, this is going to be a riveting article. See Spot run. Alright, enough chastising my boring opener, people. There’s a serious discussion to be had here. And although it begins on a gorgeous, hot Okanagan summer day, it is perhaps even more pertinent now. This is… the holiday season! The analogy is simple enough. As I drove I became increasingly late for my appointment. This, of course, had nothing to do with being hungry and ‘needing’ a snack as I ran out the door, nor being unable to leave until I found my iPod.Read More →

How to get shit done

Today I am touching on a topic that is perhaps one of the most fundamental to fitness and getting shit done. It has taken me years to form the habits I have, but they are crucial. Mindset It’s understandably easy to throw up barriers that counteract your good intentions. In fitness there are so many challenges to be faced. Let’s admit it; these challenges hurt. Training takes time away from fun but also costs a certain amount of productivity in other areas. Yes, you can be beautiful productive after a great workout, as there are countless benefits. For the sake of this conversation, however, weRead More →