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If you have followed me for a while now you have hopefully come to know me a little. Then you will know this. Fitness is very close to my heart. Not simply in the passion sense but in the poetic sense. It’s who I am and such an integral part of how I experience life. I can’t separate myself from it any more than I can from food or oxygen. It’s how I express myself and my body. It’s from this place I want to talk about the truest, deepest Why of fitness. Depending on where you are in the world, you may have heardRead More →

Building and creating takes an equal degree of abstraction and concrete definition. Sometimes it can be tricky to find that balance, like a high beam that you can’t always see. Or maybe like a high beam after a few glasses of wine. That’s more like it. Thinking out loud works better for me than thinking in my head. The moment I internalize all my thoughts is the moment I lose them; what I expected to be solid matter suddenly turns into a wisp of smoke and is forgotten. Journalling has helped me Getting my thoughts down on paper has been infinitely more useful. There isn’tRead More →

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The severity of the final exam is always in proportion to the challenge of the course. It was not expected to be easy. In fact, it was going to be grueling, arduous and painful, all wrapped in one. This test was the pinnacle of military training for the people on course that summer in Manitoba. To fail would mean to discard all the hard work of the last two months and do it all again. *** I remember thinking, as our entire course loaded into the back of the trucks, that we really looked like soldiers, my comrades and I. Wearing full combat gear proudly,Read More →


The Basics You learn pretty damn quickly you’re a team. All of you. Your platoon, your section, your roommates. When the morning alarm goes off, you had better be up, not just awake. There is no snooze, not even 20 seconds to contemplate what life would be like if you were back home. Just get up and go. There is not a moment between asleep and mobile, just as electrons have no travel time as they orbit an atom. They just suddenly appear elsewhere. Sometimes you wonder how you actually manage to move that fast. Clothing. Bathroom. No space? No problem. In with the boys.Read More →

Live Like You Mean It

Everybody faces a challenge at some point. A monstrosity of a mess to clean up. A situation that is just so arduous it makes you dream of being anywhere but there inside it. You could let it destroy you. Or you could embrace it, be one with it, and let it prepare you for something awesome that’s better than you can fathom right now. My challenge has been health related, and I’m currently up to my eyeballs in it. Life changed for me quite drastically recently. It caused me to slow right down to question how I arrived here. In the present. My mess. LastRead More →

How to avoid Dreamjacking

Self awareness. It’s a term that is thrown around quite a lot lately, but in the loud, incessant barrage of noise that is the online world right now I fear it may be getting tossed aside in the interest of pursuing something shinier. Something sleeker, more gratifying and something promising to likely bring you that first million you have always dreamed of. Whose dream is that anyway? To have a perfect life, where money flows in the millions not the thousands, and cars come in horsepower ratings over 500? It’s a great, powerful dream. It seems to be what everyone is talking about these days,Read More →

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Please don’t set yourself up to fail, my friend. Walking into the new year loaded with a backpack full of desperate hope and expectations is a heavy feat. Give those shoulders a rest. It’s easier to breathe. How did we get to this point of having all of our hopes for change and tenacity hinging all at the turn of a single day? How do we expect ourselves to break all these habits and patterns we have built at the drop of a hat? Nobody is that strong. Let’s take a new approach to the new year. To goal setting. To the way we wantRead More →