How to get shit done

Today I am touching on a topic that is perhaps one of the most fundamental to fitness and getting shit done. It has taken me years to form the habits I have, but they are crucial. Mindset It’s understandably easy to throw up barriers that counteract your good intentions. In fitness there are so many challenges to be faced. Let’s admit it; these challenges hurt. Training takes time away from fun but also costs a certain amount of productivity in other areas. Yes,Read More →

When They Say You Can't Do It

When your fire burns low and you need to keep going When you see but a mere ten feet ahead When all others choose comfort and you’re out in the cold When you find success a lonely road Carry on When you subscribe to a different mentality When you choose a brand new road When life’s harshness enters your heart And pushes you away from your foe Carry on When desperation sets in and doubt prevails When your body aches and you’re outRead More →

Many in my generation remember the Kilroy cartoon from college days. He was the little guy whose fingers appeared over the edge, and you saw only his little eyes between his 2 hands. Well, that little guy has given me much inspiration over the years since college. When I get down in mood, or am physically done, hate my weight, hate my laziness, I just view Kilroy as me climbing up out of the ditch I fell into. And I say, Wow lookRead More →

Goals. It is so important to shoot for something, but not always in such a tangible way. Goals aren’t always things you write down on paper. Categorize. Set a date of completion for. They aren’t even something you can always find words for. Feelings can be goals, but only as a product, a result, of action taken. In fact, a feeling should always be a part of a goal, in my opinion, even the best possible outcome. We only take action to attainRead More →

Exercise is the most beautiful expression of the human existence. There are so many reasons to hold fitness as a goal and a beacon of light at the end of a tunnel where all else feels bland. Yet, there are so many reasons people find for not participating. Let me tell you mine. I was an extraordinarily fit girl, and started competing in my early teens. It took hours a day to train, and I did it because I loved it on everyRead More →

As promised last week, here are some of the tools I use when I’m feeling more like sitting than squatting. I hope you can add a couple to your arsenal as well. Enjoy! #1 – Turn on some music! Music can move mountains, and so can you if you listen to the right songs. You know the ones. Sometimes that’s all it takes for me to get off my butt and start moving. Being productive feels awesome, but being productive to music feelsRead More →


Quite often people look at fitness and see their ideal, thinking that it’s too far for them to reach. Someone else got lucky. It’s easy to consider the hard work someone else put in and think, “it’s easier for them than it is for me”. It makes us feel better, but devalues the sacrifices they had to make to get to where they are. We’re not being fair to ourselves either by entertaining those thoughts and following that belief pattern. There are daysRead More →