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California girls. Hawaiian guys. Surfers. Fitness models. We all have an ideal we hold in our mind’s eye of what to choose if the doctor gave us a happy pill. Me? I’d love to be lean, ripped and tanned, with some mad surfing skills because… Well, because snowboarding just gets too bloody cold sometimes. I still love it. No, I’m not going to tell you to be happy with where you’re at. I am going to suggest you be okay with where you’reRead More →

Fitness is often interpreted as more black and white than it should be. Scour the internet, and you can find countless reasons to go to the gym, the most prevalent of which appears to be avoiding guilt. This seems to be as effective as forcing an artistically inclined 14 year old through a physics course. Neither of these approaches I agree with. When working towards their fitness goals, many people look to the gym. That, however, isn’t the end-all-be-all if that kind ofRead More →

Challenge. It’s a frustrating clash of benefit and discomfort. It’s a difficult thing to honor, but if you don’t, life will humble you until you concede your ego. What has actually happened to me to start me on this life journey? Well, it’s a story of being taken away from, and a consequent return to, my normal self, version two point oh. Emphasis on oh because this has been nothing short of monumentally surprising. I have always been an intensely athletic person. PowerRead More →

This is me, my place and I. I usually decorate new spaces with gas piping, concrete and bicycles, with emphasis placed on function and aesthetic over comfort and hospitality. But not here, not now. I’ve shown up at this moment in time to share my story; of victory and concussion, injury and celebration, and how to fall and get back up again. I’ve decided ‘up’ is in my mind, and falling can be exciting. The trick is to embrace it as you doRead More →