How To Choose a Personal Trainer You Jive With

How to find a personal trainer

How To Choose a Personal Trainer You Jive With

There are so many reasons to seek the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer. It’s often assumed their services are only appropriate for beginners to the gym. This is not the case at all.

Anytime your ready to step up your game moving forward, challenge yourself with something new, crave a new perspective, or need help with your foundation a trainer can be a priceless resource.

Now, this isn’t to say that every trainer is right for every client, and this is where the challenge can come in choosing one.

The Brains of The Operation

Of primary importance, I believe, is the concern of actual certification.

Be aware that not all trainers are created equal, nor are they certified as such. There are certification processes out there that require less education and are therefore easier and quicker to acquire. Continued education is also an important part of maintaining these credentials. Don’t be afraid to check into the qualifications a certain trainer has to guide you in your fitness journey.

A great personal trainer will be hungry for self improvement and knowledge and will thrive on finding ways to help you get better results. Passion and education, in my eyes, go hand in hand.

Home Turf

Consider your ideal type of workout and environment. There are so many different ways to enjoy a  fitness routine, and I encourage you to pick what you love. Be aware of where you thrive most.

Are you more comfortable in a settled, focused environment like a weight room, or do you do your best in the intensity of a boot camp style class?

Self awareness is key.

Do you prefer to have a trainer come to you? To workout outside when the weather permits? Class style or one-on-one?

If you’re a relatively self motivated person, finding a coach online may even be a great option for you! They don’t have to be in-person training sessions at all in order for you to get excellent guidance.

Choosing a trainer that matches your workout style will be a powerful jump start to actually carrying through your goals and enjoying the process.

Oil and Water

Once you have found a trainer you feel good about, you will want to make sure you work together well. Personality is something I feel gets overlooked quite often when people choose who to spend their time training with.

Have you ever left the gym, or a meeting, or any other occasion feeling drained instead of uplifted? Tired instead of energized? Unambitious instead of inspired?

This could be because you just don’t click with that person, and that’s perfectly alright. Just be aware of it. If you start leaving your workouts feeling this way (and not just ‘good tired’) then it may be a sign to move on and find someone that fits both your personality and goals a little bit better.

We all communicate differently, see the world differently, and seek motivation in different ways. Line yourself up with someone who shares these things with you.

Not unlike a friendship, you want to want to spend time with them. This will make your time with your trainer as meaningful and productive as possible. At the end of the day, you want to leave them feeling inspired and focused, as hungry for more as they should be to see your results.

Yes, fitness is about getting things done, but it’s also about getting incredibly excited for your future and all the little steps along the way. So think outside the box a little. There are so many trainers out there now that offer so many different styles and creativity to the industry.

Take the time to pick the person you jive with, and fall in love with the process of getting fit.In spite of all the griping you can find online, it truly is possible.


  1. Love this. It is so true about meshing with your trainer in personality as well as. Ring confident in their skill and ability. You need your trainer to motivate you, to guide you through the tough times. Like when you just want to quit because you aren’t seeing results fast enough, or when you have just had three straight binge days of chocolate and cheesecake! It is so important to be able to confide in your trainer, and know you won’t be judged. So, you may have to “date” a few trainers before you find “the one”, but you will and it will worth it!!

  2. Author

    Love the dating analogy! Yes it so true. Try before you buy, and avoid shoppers regret. And for those binge days… a great trainer will help you through that and not toss you to the wolves just because it happened. 🙂 Nobody deserves to feel bad if they slide a little as imperfection makes a journey perfect. Thanks for your feedback!

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