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Winter is such a beautiful time, and one of my favorite seasons. So close to my heart, in fact, that I moved away from the coast to experience more of it.

It’s quite common to shy away from physical activities when the snow flies, and instead huddle up with a warm blanket and hot cocoa. However, I propose that you do something exciting first.

 5 reasons to play in the snow

5 Reasons to Play in the snow

1 .You have the opportunity to explore your city or town and see it in a completely different light than in any other season. The beauty of the crisp cold and snow dramatically changes the landscape. That nice, hushed silence that surrounds a space, and the way that lights glow once the sun starts to set. New perspective, new appreciation. Not to mention Christmas lights.

2. Use the fitness you have built up with summer activities to challenge yourself in different ways. Instead of going for a run on the road, take to the trails and throw on some snowshoes. I promise you, this will surprise your body and give you a new way to gauge your fitness level. If nothing else, cold temps can help burn calories as your body fights to stay warm. It’s so important to keep moving and use your fitness for more than just being fit. Enjoy the gift of fitness you have already given yourself.

5 reasons to play in the snow

3. You can try new sports! Snow sports occupy a huge space in my heart. There is so much to do in the winter that just isn’t available in any other season. Snowshoeing was my first example. I had a blast the first time I tried it, and it’s great if you aren’t looking for speed and thrill. Cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding… the list goes on. You can even be exotic and find an outfit that runs dogsleds. This has always been on my bucket list. Just try something. You may come to love it and start anticipating next winter.

4. Start building your beach body now so that you can surprise them all with a six pack come beach season. So many people stop moving and get “winter fluffy”. It’s not necessary to hunker down and be inactive. Winter just has too much to offer, and you have worked too hard to let it all go because it’s cold outside. It seems like letting go of fitness in the ‘off season’ is all too common. It is possible to arrive at summertime with a fitness level that you are happy with. Besides, nobody likes to start from scratch.

5 reasons to play in the snow

5. Meet people, get some sunshine, be healthy. The social and health benefits that are a given in the summertime are still possible in the winter. Get out there, meet new people, and make connections. Join a weekly activity group. Many don’t realize it, but sunshine is so important over the winter months. Go for walk, stay happier. You will brighten the day for someone else as well.

At the end of a day filled with fun activity, it’s even nicer to curl up by the fire. Then you feel you’ve earned it, and had fun in the process.

Besides, snow makes everyone act like a kid again. Who doesn’t love that?

5 reasons to play in the snow

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