I’d like to share a bit of what I find spectacular with you, simply because they get my heart pumping a little more than normal.

I recently became an ambassador of Solo Energy bars because I love the product. I mean, LOVE the product. Having discarded so many energy bars because they didn’t make the cut, I’m so happy I finally found they guys. Totally reliable and they taste the best, hands down. Love.

A friend and very talented artist and metalsmith, Janet Stein designs some exquisite pieces using the Okanagan landscape as inspiration. Each item is handmade in her studio overlooking the lake, a perfect setting for perfect jewelry, of which I would like to own every piece.



Unparalleled in impeccable contrast, this designer created a product so unique it deserves to stand alone. It possesses an edginess that fascinates me and in essence symbolizes the way I strive to live my life. A little bit sugar, and a little more spice.

Alex stands for Always Live Extraordinarily, and is on the forefront of sustainability. Designed for a healthy future and a happy planet, these bottles are more than a little bit noteworthy. Did I mention they split in half? The awesome staff at Alex helped me out, and I’d like to repay the favor.