‏With the advent of online (over)marketing, never before have we had so many products to choose from. Fitness being one of the top trends at the moment has resulted in some extra attention for supplements and protein bars. ‏Presented with an overwhelming number of options, it can be tricky to choose which products to try out and which belong in your lifestyle. ‏Here are six great reasons to fall in love with protein bars and how to find the best one for you.Read More →

Today’s blog is a little different, in the form of a product review. A product review on possibly my absolute favorite topic; food. Because when you eat food you can also drink wine. For those who are unfamiliar, Chef’s Plate is a weekly to-your-door prepped meal delivery service. The concept leaves a few openings for skepticism. Food quality, portion size, flavor (obviously!) and where such a company can skimp to save a few. I will be covering all of these. Let me startRead More →