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The severity of the final exam is always in proportion to the challenge of the course. It was not expected to be easy. In fact, it was going to be grueling, arduous and painful, all wrapped in one. This test was the pinnacle of military training for the people on course that summer in Manitoba. To fail would mean to discard all the hard work of the last two months and do it all again. *** I remember thinking, as our entire courseRead More →

Goals. It is so important to shoot for something, but not always in such a tangible way. Goals aren’t always things you write down on paper. Categorize. Set a date of completion for. They aren’t even something you can always find words for. Feelings can be goals, but only as a product, a result, of action taken. In fact, a feeling should always be a part of a goal, in my opinion, even the best possible outcome. We only take action to attainRead More →

As promised last week, here are some of the tools I use when I’m feeling more like sitting than squatting. I hope you can add a couple to your arsenal as well. Enjoy! #1 – Turn on some music! Music can move mountains, and so can you if you listen to the right songs. You know the ones. Sometimes that’s all it takes for me to get off my butt and start moving. Being productive feels awesome, but being productive to music feelsRead More →

This is me, my place and I. I usually decorate new spaces with gas piping, concrete and bicycles, with emphasis placed on function and aesthetic over comfort and hospitality. But not here, not now. I’ve shown up at this moment in time to share my story; of victory and concussion, injury and celebration, and how to fall and get back up again. I’ve decided ‘up’ is in my mind, and falling can be exciting. The trick is to embrace it as you doRead More →