Live Like You Mean It

Everybody faces a challenge at some point. A monstrosity of a mess to clean up. A situation that is just so arduous it makes you dream of being anywhere but there inside it. You could let it destroy you. Or you could embrace it, be one with it, and let it prepare you for something awesome that’s better than you can fathom right now. My challenge has been health related, and I’m currently up to my eyeballs in it. Life changed for meRead More →

This is me, my place and I. I usually decorate new spaces with gas piping, concrete and bicycles, with emphasis placed on function and aesthetic over comfort and hospitality. But not here, not now. I’ve shown up at this moment in time to share my story; of victory and concussion, injury and celebration, and how to fall and get back up again. I’ve decided ‘up’ is in my mind, and falling can be exciting. The trick is to embrace it as you doRead More →