Why We Stop What We Believe

Here’s a very relatable scenario, a pattern shall we say, many of us may find familiar: Healthy food, gym visits, excellent choices. Nurturing our bodies and our minds and feeling the payback of vibrant energy and strength. We feel great, we’re on a roll, we can keep this up for as long as we need to. For we have Wills of Steel. We can. Until we don’t. I am not an expert. My curiosity has taken me down some interesting roads in searchRead More →

Today’s blog is a little different, in the form of a product review. A product review on possibly my absolute favorite topic; food. Because when you eat food you can also drink wine. For those who are unfamiliar, Chef’s Plate is a weekly to-your-door prepped meal delivery service. The concept leaves a few openings for skepticism. Food quality, portion size, flavor (obviously!) and where such a company can skimp to save a few. I will be covering all of these. Let me startRead More →