What’s In My Gym Bag

What's in my gym bag

What’s In My Gym Bag


I have been excited about this post for quite a while now!

I love writing, and while I find it natural to express myself in this way, I also want to branch out and use this blog as much for showcasing what I’m comfortable with as for growing my skills.

Photography intrigues me as I lack technical skills in this area but love a perfect moment. I love beauty and capturing the visual in unique ways.

With that being said, here is the first post of many which will incorporate far more than simple words.

What's in my gym bag Clothing


I carry an extra jacket with me as fall and crispy weather come along. An extra toque as well, as they are my absolute favorite part of winter wardrobe. Why? Because Canada.

A gym towel is always a good idea. Gym etiquette is important, and sometimes you can’t anticipate just how hard you’re REALLY going to push yourself. Or, like me, you will get shaky on arm day and spill water all over yourself.

What's in my gym bag Prairie Naturals 4ever fit

What's in my gym bag solo energy bar


Hydration is so important while you’re exercising, as is recovery afterward. My favorite water bottle is usually filled with BCAA’s during my workout, which I start sipping on the drive to the gym. My post workout recovery consists of Prairie Naturals (4EverFit) Protein Powder, Glutamine, and Creatine which I carry in a shaker so I can drink it as soon as I’m done. Timing is important.

Energy bars are something I rely on frequently. They are a staple to the point where I don’t ever leave home without one. They are perfect for on the go. When I’m crunched for time with appointments, they keep me from reaching for something junky just for convenience’s sake.

Solo Energy bars became my hands-down fav a few years ago. I really like the low glycemic response of healthier ingredients and find the energy they provide much more sustainable than other products. On top of that, you can’t beat the taste, and as someone who has spat many a disgusting energy bar in the garbage, I’m hard to impress.

What's in my gym bag toiletries


I also carry a freshen-up kit for days when I need to feel human after my workouts.

Seriously, nothing beats dry shampoo. Lip balm is a must, as chapped lips are my least favorite and any workout can easily bring that on. I love hand lotion as well, especially at this time of year when the weather turns cold and dry. I would like to think it helps with those callouses too.

The Adidas deodorant I use is actually not an antiperspirant; one of the few true deodorants I could find. Unlike antiperspirant, deodorant allows your skin to breath. Who cares if you’re a hot mess after a workout? That’s what gyms are for. Let yourself glow, and stick with the healthier products.

Extra hair elastics can be a godsend for someone who has as much hair as I do. They have helped me avoid many hairmergencies.

What's in my gym bag Extra

What's in my gym bag Extras


I always have earbuds for the days when the gym music really isn’t doing it for me. My go-to music is on SoundCloud or my iPod Nano. I love how tiny that thing is. It’s minuscule compared to the monstrosity of my iPhone 6+. That big black thing? That’s the belt clip for the Otterbox case. Yeah. TOO LARGE.

Not shown in any photos is my gym shoes. Moving into the winter most gyms will not allow you inside with your outside shoes. If you live in Canada like I do, those are huge boots anyway. I always carry my gym shoes in my bag. Besides, it feels nice to have a dedicated pair.

What do you you take with you to the gym?

Comment down below!

Next week I’m very excited to welcome guest poster Kathy Beckstead to the blog!

See you all in two weeks.



  1. I’m liking my short “Judy Dench”style hair cut, so easy on hot sweaty workout days, It gets you back out in the cold, in the car and to the grocery store, other shopping and home again, and not scaring the hell out of anyone. Got to get my toque out soon for warmth. Thanks for the Adidas deodorant tip. I make an ascorbic acid fruit punch drink with no processed sugar, and find it a good energy boost after my workout. No more shaky legs.
    At age 66, loving my time and space. Moving on to another creative project, and more coffee visits with friends. Am loving this new retirement gig.

    1. Author

      Sounds awesome Kathy! Vitamin C is actually great to add as it helps maintain muscle. Thanks for sharing!

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