Foundational Living to Awaken Your Authentic Self
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foundational living to awaken your authentic self

coaching to inspire you to step beyond self-imposed boundaries into your fiercely authentic life. We all have beliefs that hold us back. We also have a powerful creative side that can carry us to our wilDest dreams.

Which one are you invoking?



It is my mission to awaken you to your true potential.

To dig down deep and help you uncover the dark parts of yourself that hold you back so you can heal and move forward.

We all have dreams, and we all have obstacles that keep us from pursuing them. I’m passionate and driven to help you uncover your limitations and move past them to step into your role as powerful creator. I am helping clients shift their beliefs from impossible to possible with Nutrition + Mindset coaching as a foundation.

It is my mission to help as many people create this shift in themselves as possible, to help them change for the better, and in doing so, impact the world at large to create an empowered future.



Mindset tools, health tips, and spiritual connection. Created to inspire you towards positive change and to help you bring your actions into alignment with your true purpose and authentic self.


“Find what makes your soul happy. Live it, breathe it, let it consume you. Therein lies your reason for living.”

-Melissa Sharp

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“Melissa and the Dream It Real coaching program gives you amazing tools to carry into all areas of your life. She helps break down your goals into bite size pieces that are easily actionable.

You move forward with confidence as you see the results pick up and the weight fall off. The best part is that your new skills become a part of you. I highly recommend this program!”

— JS, Kelowna,BC

1:ONE Nutrition Coaching Graduate