7 Tips For Getting Unstuck

As promised last week, here are some of the tools I use when I'm feeling more like sitting than squatting. I hope you can add a couple to your arsenal as well. Enjoy!

#1 - Turn on some music!

Music can move mountains, and so can you if you listen to the right songs. You know the ones. Sometimes that's all it takes for me to get off my butt and start moving. Being productive feels awesome, but being productive to music feels even better. I've always thought life should have a soundtrack.

#2 - Compromise

What? That's not what this is about! Yes, sometimes it is. If a compromise is the only way to get you out the door to the gym, then do it. Say you planned on leg day, and the thought of doing jump squats is so daunting that you don't want to get out of bed, then ditch it. Take away a part of your workout, maybe an exercise or two, to make it less intimidating and more palatable. Make it winnable. When I do this, not only do I smash out a damn good workout, but I almost always end up doing the exercises I told myself I wouldn't in the first place. Sometimes I really overachieve. Unless something is really out of sync, I'm always glad I went. 

#3 - Eat right

What you have eaten can drain you. If you have low energy then think about what you have consumed recently. I have been guilty more than once of not eating breakfast until it's well after lunch. Not awesome. Then I'll wonder why I have no energy and my body isn't responding the way it usually does. Give yourself enough time to eat something that will actually sustain you throughout your workout. Ideally, proper fueling begins the day before. Pre-workout supplements and BCAA's are not meal replacements, but they are great tools. Use them when you're feeling low on energy and motivation. 

#4 - Watch a YouTube video

YouTube is an amazing library of life vlogs that people, namely athletes, post for others to use as motivation. They're chock full of great tips and advice, and most of them are admirably well crafted. I love it when I don't feel like I'm in the right space for a workout, and after a brief sit down on the couch watching someone else throw down their workout, I'm suddenly pumped and ready to go. You have to be disciplined with this one since it's easy to get lost jumping from one video to another. Don't stay on the couch forever. 

#5 - Eye on the prize

Keep focused on your goal and weigh every decision you make against it. Like I said last week, it's easy to forget why you came here, and why you need to keep showing up to the party. Put down the chocolate and remind yourself this is only a temporary sacrifice towards a life of fitness. You can cheat later. The toughest part is up, but when you get to flying altitude you can start coasting. Build those habits right. A little change is good, and a little discipline is healthy. 

#6 - Ban social media

But you just sent me to YouTube!! I'm not listening to you anymore.Hold your horses. I've been guilty of checking my phone after every single set if I don't feel like working out that day. Rep, rep, rep... REWARD! That's not how it should go. Stow the phone until you're done. You will feel better for having focused on the task in front of you. 

#7 - Keep it fresh

Don't shy away from trying new exercises. I love adding new movements to my routine, and sometimes I can't wait to get to the gym just to try them out. My shoulders aren't as tight as I would like, and I would love to feel that pull in my back keeping them in line. I get super excited when I find new exercises to help me work towards that goal. Think about a change in your body you would like to feel, postural or otherwise. Do some research on how to make it happen, and use that new information to fuel your workouts. 

What helps you get motivated and out the door?

Comment down below and share what works for you!