It's Always Called Starting

California girls.

Hawaiian guys.


Fitness models.

We all have an ideal we hold in our mind's eye of what to choose if the doctor gave us a happy pill.

Me? I'd love to be lean, ripped and tanned, with some mad surfing skills because… Well, because snowboarding just gets too bloody cold sometimes. I still love it.

No, I'm not going to tell you to be happy with where you're at. I am going to suggest you be okay with where you're at while you strive for better and better. To never settle for less than you want and deserve.

No little baby went from crawling to running.No racehorse won the Triple Crown without miles and miles run.Every professor was first a student.

While chasing your fitness goals, whether your ideal is aesthetic, skill oriented, or both, just remember that everything happens in baby steps. To build the foundation of health you are going to live on for years and years to come takes repetition that can at times have you ready to lie down on the gym floor and declare you give up on life and are never moving from that spot ever. But then you remember that someone had better bring you a coffee.

I digress.

You see, better and better happens very gradually. I know everyone has heard the term "it's the journey, not the destination" a garbage heap of times. I won't say it again. This process is brutally important. It's a rough road to reach any goal worth chasing, filled with the smallest, most tedious steps and the utmost of focus. It's hard. But it's so very worth it.

What do you dream of experiencing in your life? What do you aspire to?

Fitness is a beautiful place. A fit, strong, capable body is a dream to live inside. A powerhouse of ability. It's something that should be sought after, in my opinion, by everybody to some level. Fitness allows us to express not only the full potential of our bodies but also other facets of our experience. I'll talk about that another day.

The most daunting place to be is looking upwards from the place you stand before you have taken that first step. Please, please don't let the road ahead intimidate you. It won't disappear, the end of the rainbow won't just fall into your lap. Every step on the way to being fit can be enjoyed, even the frustrating ones. Just start moving.

You can chase your dreams, but not without moving your feet.

Fitness is a lifestyle, and you're in it for the long haul. Look in the mirror, smile, and know it's perfectly alright for you to be standing where you are. An unfit place is a great one to leave, and you can look back later and say 'Hey! That's where I came from!' . Be proud of it.

Everyone would love to grow abs overnight. But rushing the process is still called starting. Don't let the seemingly monstrous process ahead keep you from starting at all.

Every monster will disappear when you take a step toward it and turn the light on.

I would love to hear where you are in your journey and the road you face! Please comment down below if you feel like sharing. No journey is better alone.

Happy roads! I'll see you next week.