Chef's Plate: Product Review

Today's blog is a little different, in the form of a product review. A product review on possibly my absolute favorite topic; food. Because when you eat food you can also drink wine.

For those who are unfamiliar, Chef's Plate is a weekly to-your-door prepped meal delivery service. The concept leaves a few openings for skepticism. Food quality, portion size, flavor (obviously!) and where such a company can skimp to save a few.

I will be covering all of these.

chefs plate review

chefs plate review

Let me start off by saying that I have been in one of those funks the last week or so that makes cooking seem monumentally boring and I've just wanted food to drop in my lap at the snap of my fingers. This is largely due to the lifestyle altering food plan I am sticking to which is comprised of vegetables and not Oreo's.


Lo and behold, what did fall into my lap was a Chef's Plate meal for two. The Lemon and Za'atar Basa meal for two.


My curiosity was piqued, and the lazy part of me satisfied enough to place cookies and wine to the side for the moment.

I love unexpected treats, and I LOVE mail, and let's just say that opening this bag felt a little like Christmas morning.

Food in the mail. What's better than that? Actually, that reminds me I need to join a wine club.

The packaging itself was both my only sore point and also what made me smile right off the bat. With every ingredient measured and individually packed it does tend to use more baggies than buying a meal out or ingredients from the store. Just recycle, and that minor issue goes by the wayside.

That being said, good packaging that has a quality feel makes me super happy, and this was no exception. Unpacking this meal felt like I was spoiled.

I love being spoiled.

Chefs Plate Review Packaging

Chefs Plate Review Packaging

The meal arrived on ice, and the ingredients were in better shape than I sometimes find at the local grocery store.

You would think a company would shy away from shipping delicate greens like parsley for the simple reason it can turn so quickly. They did no such thing, and neither did the parsley.

All produce was of excellent quality.

As for the fish, I had never tried Basa before. Admittedly, I'd never even heard of it. It was meaty, hearty, and robust, with just enough flavor to it. Actually this was another point that impressed me; fishy smelling fish means it's a tad on the older side. This was fresh. Very fresh.

Cooking of the meal was simple and straightforward with easy instructions to follow. One thing I will recommend... Read the entire instruction pamphlet before you begin cooking.

That's actually Instruction Number One.

"Read the entire recipe card"

chefs plate review

chefs plate review

Do you think Yours Truly paid attention? No.

Someone has a nasty habit of skimming.

It's not catastrophic, but it will help you to feel more organized and less scattered, and perhaps prevent you from slightly overcooking the fish, causing you to be the brunt of hubby's sarcasm.


Chefs Plate Review Tabbouleh

Chefs Plate Review Tabbouleh

For obvious reasons, Step Number Six was my favorite. Plate and Serve.

Thanks, I will.

Our meal turned out beautifully.

Since I moved from my home city of Vancouver, I have had intermittent, desperate cravings for a certain falafel diner on Davie st. More specifically, their tabbouleh is what I miss. And the white sauce. And the hummus. And the...

Enough of that.

To have a meal delivered to my home that gave me a beautiful, fresh tabbouleh in twenty minutes was a wonderful thing. It satisfied this craving for a while and gave me a little taste of the culinary diversity of home.

In short, everything came together wonderfully and we enjoyed a meal that was healthy enough to fit into my parameters and perfectly balanced in health, quality, and flavor.

Yes, the flavor!

As full and unified as the meal was colorful and visually appealing, it was a pleasure to enjoy.

In fact, I just may add this little treat to my weekly meal plans. Based on how unique and enjoyable this single meal was, I definitely recommend you get off the fence and give Chef's Plate a shot.

Hey, it wasn't Oreo's but it sure as hell made me forget about them!

And that's even better.