Excuse Me While I Build My Brand

Building and creating takes an equal degree of abstraction and concrete definition.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find that balance, like a high beam that you can't always see. Or maybe like a high beam after a few glasses of wine. That's more like it.

Thinking out loud works better for me than thinking in my head. The moment I internalize all my thoughts is the moment I lose them; what I expected to be solid matter suddenly turns into a wisp of smoke and is forgotten.

Journalling has helped me

Getting my thoughts down on paper has been infinitely more useful. There isn't always a human for me to talk to, and therefore I am completely self-sufficient with an ink stick and slice of paper. Time well spent purging, calculating, and being as abstract or defined as I need to be.

The key to mastering creativity is to allow your mind to go where you wouldn't normally let it go. In other words, let it GO. Let it drift to the mildly wild, the impossible, and the unfathomable.

The Impossible

I have been fascinated with this for years. This word defines us unnecessarily, and guides our lives more than it needs to in inauspicious directions. It boxes us in and keeps us confined. Needless to say, I want to pursue this fascination.

What I am building here is more than a blog, more than a place to place my thoughts in a neat little package. I want to build a movement.

The things I have envisioned for this space need a little more defining, but have been years in the making. I was years in the growing in order to make this become a reality and I think the concept and I both are damn near ready.

So, please hang on for the ride. It's going to be a wild one.