Find Your Kilroy

Many in my generation remember the Kilroy cartoon from college days.

He was the little guy whose fingers appeared over the edge, and you saw only his little eyes between his 2 hands.Well, that little guy has given me much inspiration over the years since college.

When I get down in mood, or am physically done, hate my weight, hate my laziness, I just view Kilroy as me climbing up out of the ditch I fell into.

And I say,

Wow look at the world out there, just to be lived in!

I so want more of that.

I am going to just get the hell out there via my weight loss plan, and my YMCA routine, and my walking, and just plain darn busyness working on photo sorting, my mixed media art work projects, dinner theatre, and more socializing.

Hey! I like it out here way more than riding in the ditch.

- Kathy Beckstead

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