Importance of Goal Setting


It is so important to shoot for something, but not always in such a tangible way. Goals aren't always things you write down on paper. Categorize. Set a date of completion for. They aren't even something you can always find words for.

Feelings can be goals, but only as a product, a result, of action taken. In fact, a feeling should always be a part of a goal, in my opinion, even the best possible outcome. We only take action to attain a certain feeling.

This isn't my idea, or a novel one, but rather a fundamental belief I have built into my lifestyle. It's how I accomplish my goals and dreams and set new boundaries for myself.

This week I traveled two hours out of the city to visit with family. Aside from being a wonderful day, it was also a huge accomplishment. It's hard to really realize the gravity of the situation I've been in when held in contrast to the competitive and empowered lifestyle I've lead up until this point.

The injuries I have sustained have, for the last five years, rendered me increasingly incapable of driving a vehicle. I drive for a living, and therefore have not been able to work for over a year. As an intensely athletic person, dialing my life back to nothing has been the biggest challenge I've ever experienced.

Doing a round trip out of the city not only invigorated me but did wonders to return my self empowerment. Only a few short months ago I couldn't even drive myself to the grocery store down the street without feeling the repercussions for days afterwards. It was rough; on my body and my mind. I have had to redefine myself in every single way, which in the end is how I have shaped this to be such a beneficial experience for me.

We can choose to shine whatever happens to us in a good light or bad. We have the power to make a terribly bad situation an incredibly good one, if only we empower ourselves. I have worked so, so hard to get to the point where this injury turns around and allows my body to move around again. I have worked so, so hard to become the person I am, who isn't afraid to face this challenge, who wouldn't rather hide in the corner instead. I have put all the groundwork into place, and whatever the outcome, this was a turning point in my life.

I challenge you to consider that goals are not always black and white, in a sense. Goals can be far less tangible than that, far broader and far grander. Consider what you want, your desired experiences and how you truly would like to feel. Set goals for yourself that you can measure, but also allow room for the goals to arrive that you didn't exactly know you had.

One day you will have your drive out of the city, your 'break free' moment, and know that you were aiming for that all along. Ideas and unconscious thoughts become tangible. We are creating them as we are creating everything else in our lives. Be open to all things.

Keep your motivation up, your focus strong, and your momentum going. It is so important. As long as you welcome the day, the moments both happy and hard, and the future, and as long as you keep on feeling, you will experience some awesome things.

Just head in the direction of your passions and drive your thoughts and focus, and along the way you will push your boundaries more and in different ways than you ever thought possible.