Do What Makes Your Heart Happy

Fitness is often interpreted as more black and white than it should be.

Scour the internet, and you can find countless reasons to go to the gym, the most prevalent of which appears to be avoiding guilt. This seems to be as effective as forcing an artistically inclined 14 year old through a physics course. Neither of these approaches I agree with.

When working towards their fitness goals, many people look to the gym. That, however, isn't the end-all-be-all if that kind of grind isn't your thing. I know many people who despise going to the gym for different reasons. Some don't thrive in that environment, and others simply need to be outside when they get active.

If you don't enjoy the process, the benefits won't be as plentiful.

The gym can be a beautiful experience. Personally, I love it. It's both my stress reducer and my beacon of hope for rehabbing these injuries and returning to the sports I love so much. So I go, and I love every minute of it. Well, the last three seconds of the final lunge is really not my favorite, but you get my drift!

I encourage you to open your eyes to the different possibilities of activities around you. Choose what you love, or try something new simply because it could turn into a love affair you were never expecting.

Get outside on your bike, or try yoga. Take up climbing in a gym, and experience the thrill of moving your newfound skills outside. I promise you, once you find activities you love, you will be happy and tired at the end of the day without even realizing the extent to which you have improved yourself physically and mentally.

Take the mix of results, sports, goals, sets and reps, gym memberships; throw them all together in a pot and heat them up with some intensity.You know what it all boils down to?

In the end, regardless of our chosen endeavors, what we are left with is the beauty of physical movement. That's what makes sport so amazing.

Our bodies weren't meant to carry us to and from work and call it a day. That would be like using a downhill bike to pick up groceries. They were meant for something much more intricate and impactful.

I suggest you go out and, in the pursuit of physical fitness, focus more on the extraordinary machine that is your body and the miracle that moves it in whatever way you choose.

If you go to the gym, make it amazing. Enjoy the challenge and the atmosphere. If you go for a hike, marvel at how far into nature your body can carry you, and how peaceful it is there.

Whatever you do, do it for the creative expression of the human body you inhabit. It's the only thing that truly matters. In seeking this appreciation, you will find levels of physical fitness, strength and ability that have been untapped your entire life.

All you have to do is enjoy the process.

FitnessMelissa Sharp1 Comment