Self Awareness: The Key To Avoid Dreamjacking

Self awareness.

It's a term that is thrown around quite a lot lately, but in the loud, incessant barrage of noise that is the online world right now I fear it may be getting tossed aside in the interest of pursuing something shinier. Something sleeker, more gratifying and something promising to likely bring you that first million you have always dreamed of.

Whose dream is that anyway? To have a perfect life, where money flows in the millions not the thousands, and cars come in horsepower ratings over 500?

It's a great, powerful dream. It seems to be what everyone is talking about these days, and that means one thing; it's not everybody's dream. It simply can't be. Know why? There is far more originality in the world than that.

With all the information flying around these days it is so easy to get swept up in the excitement of others sharing their dreams. When someone we look up to or love to follow shouts out loud "THIS IS WHAT I WANT!" its often so enticing we start to want it too.

Their dreams fall in our grey area of desire and before we realize it we have adopted them as our own. Dreamjacking. Far less frequently do we stand back and say hey, yeah, that is really not for me.

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As great as their material or situational desires are, greater still is the beauty of illusion cloaked around those dreams... someone else has their life together more than you do.

The perception of simplicity coupled with the illusion of perfection that's portrayed on social media has crippled people who haven't quite figured out their own two feet and where they stand on them. Its such a simple, honest mindset we have fallen into.

It's not social media's fault, nor is the the fault of those who are loudest among its users. I think its false to put down people who post only the positive on SM, as what do we all strive for naturally as human beings but to make life more beautiful?

Take that step back with me now, close your eyes and take a peaceful moment away from others' thoughts. Discover where you stand and the space you occupy not physically so much as existentially and the situation that you want to create that so perfect reflects who you are as an individual. To realize this level of genuineness you have to truly know yourself. To know yourself, you have to think for yourself.

Self awareness is the most critical key to not only success but the day to day living of a truly fulfilling life. It's the key to avoiding what I call dreamjacking; falling in love with someone else's ideal. Without self awareness we end up following a flow that isn't ours to an endgame we never chose in the first place.

Here's my dream.

I want financial success and independence based on a business I have built from the ground up with progressive scaling.

I want this business to be built on an unshakeable foundation of not only helping people better their lives and selves but of allowing them to accomplish what they previously believed to be impossible. Hence Dream It Real, in it's baby phase.

In the end I want financial success to be derived from something I simply do not need financial success to express myself doing. It's a byproduct.

I crave to surround myself with beauty; fine wines, beautiful locations, very unique experiences. I look to afford the ability to fulfill this craving, however temporary.

I want to build my own home in a location of my choosing. However luxurious is for me to decide, but I want the opportunity to creating a masterpiece that so completely and thoroughly reflects my thoughts and unique environment. To once and for all fully express my creative design preferences.

Now at the risk of sounding like a walking cliche and quite possibly a hypocrite, I want to talk about another experience I want to have. I fell in love with the Lamborghini when I was a young child. The Countach swept in and forever directed my goals in its direction, and it has never left my mind or heart.

Is this a dream car? Yes. Is it my ultimate dream car? No. There is another.

It's not about the car, or the glory or attention. It's about being in the presence of an exquisite work of art; perfection in aesthetics, power and precision. It's about taking my nearly 10 years as a professional driver and channeling something I love to do that's so close to my heart, through this masterpiece out onto the road.

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Years as an athlete has taught me that perfection does exist, and usually manifests in a few seconds that touch your soul. The moment when your bike becomes weightless, or snowboarding to your favorite song. The sip of wine on a patio in the sun that makes you tear up with appreciation.

This is what I'm after.

Know yourself. Know yourself deeply enough that you can stand confidently on your own two feet and not compromise your dreams for someone else's. Learn that you and you alone truly do have the ability and, dare say it, obligation to dictate how you want to define your life. Understand why you want what you do, and always come back to the most genuine part of yourself that knows whether or not this is true.

This is self awareness, and with self awareness you will never be steered wrong so long as it's not built over with false ideals.

This is a creative world and not many rules truly exist. This allows us to take our most abstract of desires and act on them not for the growth of ourselves but to find motivation in the growth and uplifting of everyone we get to encounter along the way.

Just be true to yourself, and everything that's genuine will follow.