What Healing Actually Looks Like

In this world of social-media-skewed ‘perfection’, I felt compelled to share a bit of my journey over the last two months. I pulled out my camera every so often to document how I was actually feeling.

If you have been following my story for a while now, you will know I have had a rough time with a back and neck injury and concussions over the last 8 years. I have been through highs and lows like nobody’s business, and at times it isn’t pretty. In fact, there have been moments of downright terrible. However, the lessons I learned from this experience are invaluable, and I continue to grow every day because of what I’ve been through.

One of those lessons is that the process is a roller coaster. When it comes to healing, overcoming injuries, changing mindset, or simply growing as a person, it’s always a few steps forward and a couple steps back. There are always setbacks, whether those are mindset shifts, physical challenges, or both.

It’s tempting to fall into the trap of looking around at others sharing their journeys and say, hey, they went from Point A to Point B without so much as a hiccup! Then it’s easy to shoot ourselves down for not being perfect, for still feeling awful, for sometimes not believing we can do what we set out to.

If you ever feel discouraged along your path, remember this: every dip in that roller coaster is a chance for growth, for a vital lesson to be learned. All you have to do is be open to learning it.

Nobody’s path is perfectly straight, and yours is no exception. Take that pressure off yourself, release your expectation for things to happen fast, and embrace the process. Every moment you focus on taking the small steps that need to be taken is a moment you will be proud of when you actually reach your destination.

Stay strong.