What Lights Your Soul On Fire?

Creating is amazing.

But sometimes we just need to take a step back, go quiet for a while, and recalibrate the way we do what we do, and the why behind it. Reconnect with what drives us, keeps us up at night, and what we cannot possibly live without.

What can you not live without?

Fear usually stands between you and something great. Fear is an excellent blocker, but if you're an even better shooter, sometimes you are going to score. The question is whether or not you can handle it when you do. It takes a lot of willpower and perseverance to make your fantasies real living, breathing entities. That's reason enough not to get started at all. Yet fear of success holds many people back just as much.

As daunting as the process of chasing dreams may seem, and with so much that could possibly go wrong in the face of a seemingly high probability of so-called 'failure', many people still simply cannot contain the ideas they hold within themselves. These ideas light them on fire. But what does it all come down to?

[bctt tweet="The penalty of stagnation is far harsher than failure in pursuit of what drives you wild." username="thekelownagal"]

Be madly in love with your life. Don't waste your time. Chase what you want most. Find that one thing and let it absolutely consume you.

I have redefined Dream It Real in my quiet time. I have put it in a clear and concise package, and then I asked myself, Do I really want to pursue this?

It will be uncomfortable. While a part of me fears this, a bigger part of me embraces the thrill, and the possibility of what I can actually bring to the world.

The feeling of never moving ahead on this project, this thing that is tugging at my heart strings so strongly, would be far worse than anything I'm fearing right now.


Subduing these ideas would be far more difficult than facing any fear I might have of moving ahead. So be it.

Welcome to the new Dream It Real.

I have been certified in Sports Nutrition Coaching. I am currently working on bringing you both fitness and nutrition coaching services, and bringing more coaches on board with me. This is only the beginning of the wealth of services I will be providing for you.

I have followed my dream for over ten years to build a place that fuels the belief in people that they can and should embrace the supernova that is their true creative capacity. That belief paired with proper tools and the right guidance are what you need to create your life and become your dreams. Fear isn't our enemy, placation is. I am here to move you out of victimization and into empowerment.

I am here to teach you how to enjoy the discomfort, embrace the unknown, and allow yourself to be fully creative.

What does it really all come down to?

If it takes more energy to quell your ideas and thoughts inside your mind than bring them to fruition, you need to start moving. Without hesitation, without doubt. If it's residing inside of you, you have the strength to bring it out.

Feel the fear, embrace uncertainty. And against all odds, dream with me.

We're dreaming it real.