Why I Became A Nutrition Coach

Before you follow anyone online or elsewhere, I believe it’s important to know how they came to be where they are in the first place. What brought them here? What was their path like? What drove them when they wanted to quit, and what did they learn?

One of the first and most foundational lessons I discuss with my clients at the start of our work together is the concept of a Core Why. Discovering their foundational reason for moving towards any goal they want to set is sometimes surprising, but always invaluable and integral to the success of each client. Our Core Why is the heartbeat around our values and what makes our spirit come alive.

It’s in this spirit that I thought it only appropriate to share with you my reasons for choosing to become a nutrition coach, and what challenges and hopes lead me here, to this point, where I can now in turn help you.

Here’s my why.

As I battled my way through the last few years and the myriad of limitations and medical questions those years brought, I turned to food as my comfort. Meal time (and snack time) represented a temporary relief from the discomfort, relentless stress, and all-consuming fear I was experiencing. When my body shut down and didn't allow me to move, I ate instead.

And ate.

Sometimes I would put my two feet on the floor in the morning with nothing else compelling me but breakfast. Breakfast, in many cases, was immediately followed by lunch, for no other reason than I knew what I wanted to eat next.

Food stopped being a means of fuelling my body. It stopped having anything to do with being hungry at all. It became a powerful way of handling the emotions that were robbing me of my sanity when I thought I was losing it all. It became my friend, my confidant, and my creative outlet. It ruled me.

Eventually, I realized that something had to change, or I would end up in a place that would be even harder to return from: Illness.

I looked around. There was so much information out there on the internet, some of it fact and much of it masquerading as such. Did anybody know how to eat, for sure? What made sense? I was overwhelmed.

I finally landed on a mindset approach to nutrition that addressed the emotional whole of the person instead of the calories, and their why instead of their weight. In learning this different paradigm of healthy eating, I slowly but surely began coaching myself back to health.

It’s a long road, making changes, but in moving ahead and navigating the challenges we face we are inevitably growing into ourselves. BECOMING. I think that ability, to pick a direction and outcome, focus on it, and pursue it relentlessly, is the very thing that makes us human.

I am now proudly a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Nutrition Coach, and I haven’t looked back yet.