You Can Do It With A Little Persistence

The best feeling in the world is arriving at a destination you have traveled towards for an extended period of time.

With no magic pill, no quick satisfaction, only a vision that you alone could see. It's scary to set your sights so far ahead. To hope and dream and risk coming up short.

Some goals come fast, but others take years to develop. Years of working, even when you really don't want to. Years of following through when you don't feel your best. Driven by blind faith when it doesn't look to anyone else like you will ever make it there.

A few weeks ago I traveled to Horsefly, a beautiful little town with a huge heart in the breathtaking Cariboo region of British Columbia. I went there to decompress and catch up with family and friends. It was a much-needed vacation and time spent reconnecting with my values.

This trip was one of those arrivals for me.

My 7-year goal

If you have followed my story for a while, you will know there was a time I was so injured that I couldn't even drive to the grocery store two minutes down the street. Yep, I got myself pretty broken.

During that time, I made it my sole focus to heal and become strong enough that I could once again feel my age. One of my goals was to drive myself to see my family. 

On that beautiful Saturday morning, I packed my car and set out. Six hours later, I was sitting on my mother's porch sipping wine and watching an incredible sunset. I couldn't have been happier.


I've realized that success isn't a neat and tidy process, and it sure isn't linear. It never will be, and quite often we can use this expectation as an excuse not to start at all. In fact, the path from getting from where you are now to a place you want to be is messy, chaotic at times, full of unanswered questions.

The path to success looks way more like this little guy...

Good things happen over time, and great things take tiny actions that will seem, at the moment, to be leading you nowhere but will be crucial to your end goal. In order to get anywhere, you first have to build the foundation you're going to stand on for the rest of your life, or at least this next chapter of it. Regardless of what goals you're chasing, don't shy away from the chaos.

Confusion is always part of the process, and it does make clarity so much more rewarding. Remember, you are shaping your life out of grey matter  like clay. You get to mold it however you want, and each decision you make will shape it into something more tangible.

Yes, at times some parts of you will feel so weak that you will be like a baby giraffe. You will get stronger as long as you keep doing the right things consistently.

As you get stronger in body, you get stronger in mind. As you begin to move forward, you build momentum, and when things don't happen quickly you develop the resilience you need to hold your own until you finally arrive at your destination.

Rehabilitating this injury has taught me a lot. It has given me patience, resilience, and the confidence that whatever life hands me, I will be able to get through it, one baby step at a time.

Success isn't at all something that people are either born with or not. It's learned, and there isn't a person on this planet who isn't capable of pursuing it and coming out on top.


I finally got to see the Salmon Festival! I've missed it every other visit by about a week.


This is one of the work yards of Pioneer Log Homes from the reality show Timber Kings.

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