Frequently Asked Questions



How long is the program?

The program takes one full year (12 months) start to finish. It recognizes that good things take time, and your health is absolutely no exception.



Am I obligated to stay the full year?

No, you are free to leave anytime you like. There is no commitment because I realize that not every style of coaching, nor every coach, will be a perfect fit for everyone who comes on board.



How long will it take me to lose weight?

Everybody is different, and everyone responds differently to my nutrition recommendations. Many people don’t see weight loss changes for weeks, and I pride myself on that fact. There are, however, many other positive changes you will see sooner than that.



Can I still eat donuts?

That’s up to you! I am not a drill sergeant, and will never pretend to be. I guide you through how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Eating the occasional donut just depends on how you want to approach your health journey, and what fits for you. Every decision impacts your goals and your health, good and naughty, and is only a reflection of where you are emotionally at any given time.



Am I expected to be perfect?

No! That’s why my system is vastly different. Life is a roller coaster, and it will never be all ups, all the time. You won’t be fired as a client for being imperfect, in fact I encourage it.



Do I have to live in Kelowna to buy coaching?

My coaching can be done entirely online. If you don’t live in the Okanagan, don’t worry. I regularly carry out face to face video coaching calls with my clients who can’t meet in person.



What if your rates increase during my program?

Your monthly rates will remain the same for the duration of your stay. So if you sign up at $119 /month, you will stay at $119 /month for the full year. There are no nasty surprises.



When can I get started?

You can get started right away. Programs will always begin the following Monday after a brief introduction period.



How come you don’t offer fitness training, but you talk so much about it?

Fitness programs are coming. They are currently in development and will be released soon. Feel free to join my newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay in the announcement loop.




Do Oreos taste better than donuts?




Still have questions?

Email me! I love hearing from you, and if there's something I have left unanswered then, well... that just won't do.